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We believe shared experiences form the basis for successful relationships and mutual trust. We create unique and memorable travel experiences for your team, resulting in higher motivation and better performance from your employees.

This is why we offer extraordinary team experiences tailor-made for your company.

Director’s Cut: Shoot a Blockbuster Netflix Series​

Director’s Cut: Shoot a Blockbuster Netflix Series​

Tap into your team's true creative potential by presenting them with a seemingly impossible challenge: craft a compelling cinematic snapshot of history – in under 3 hours. With this inspiring city as the stage for their drama, who will succeed once the camera starts rolling?​
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Mountain Terror: A nightmarish hike in the Giant Mountains​

Mountain Terror: A nightmarish hike in the Giant Mountains​

Test your team’s nerve on this thrilling adventure through the Czech Republic’s prized Giant Mountain (Krkonoše) National Park. A scenic hike takes a dark turn — What ghastly secrets will this deceptively pristine wilderness reveal?​
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Bohemian Paradise Pirates: Raft Building Adventure​

Bohemian Paradise Pirates: Raft Building Adventure​

Teamwork is the name of the game if you’re going to stay afloat during this exciting water challenge. Communication, positivity, and a bit of friendly competition will be the ingredients needed to claim top spot when the rafts line up to race.
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Escape Alive: Navigating the Emperor’s Forest​

Escape Alive: Navigating the Emperor’s Forest​

Everyone will have to work together if you want to find your way out of the Slavovský les (Emperor’s Forest) in this unique escape-style challenge. Why limit the escape game concept to a single room when we have a whole forest full of secrets to discover and riddles to solve?​
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Silent Disco Tour: Experience Prague with a twist ​

Silent Disco Tour: Experience Prague with a twist ​

Take in the most vibrant side of Prague during this one-of-a-kind experience that combines music, dance and storytelling. Say goodbye to social barriers, leave your inhibitions at home, and give your team a chance to laugh and dance their way through our breathtaking city.​
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Ride Bikes, Drink Wine: Cycle the Moravian Wine Route ​

Ride Bikes, Drink Wine: Cycle the Moravian Wine Route ​

Join us in exploring the Czech Republic’s renowned Moravian wine region. Sample local delicacies, discover hidden treasures, and take in the Lednice-Valtice world heritage site. Slip into a relaxed state of mind and soak up the best of what this little slice of heaven has to offer.
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Family Day: Team Building in Prague​

Family Day: Team Building in Prague​

Prague is full of sprawling parks, secret gardens, and funky art-nouveau venues. Book a one-of-a-kind team building experience and prepare to indulge in a day of fun at one of the city’s most idyllic, off-the-beaten-path locations. ​
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Test your team spirit and tackle fun, action-packed tasks that get your heart rate up and challenge your problem solving skills.
TEP-Factor is inspired by the TV game show Fort Boyard and features 25 tasks distributed over a pirate cove landscape. Teams of 2 to 5 players compete against each other as well as against time.

Teamwork is paramount throughout and the different tasks test motor skills, logical thinking and patience. The usual playing time is 3–4 hours.


There are not many events in the center of Prague which are more astonishing and beautifult hat combine sightseeing without crowds and sporting activities.

On a one-hour crazy river trip along the Vltava, you will run down demanding rapids and locks with waves and small rollers under the friendly supervision of our competent management teams. Enjoy the unforgettable views of Prague Castle, the National Theater, Charles Bridge and many other Prague sights in an exciting atmosphere. Our guides always explain important historical facts and cultural backgrounds during the trip.


Dragonboating is a sport with more than 2000 years of tradition. The origin is in an old legend that brings a lot of Chinese culture with it. The ritual of a mysterious dragon awakening is a frequent opening of dragon boat races.

This sporting activity is not just about strength or the faster paddling rhythm, but first of all about finding an optimal synchronization in which the members of the respective groups really feel part of something very special – a celebration of team spirit, the essence of synergy and above all: Fun!

Action Park

The Action Park is an outdoor entertainment complex in Prague that offers lots of fun, adrenaline and entertainment with several different interesting and unique activities. 

Communication between the participants is the key to success. The activities are particularly suitable for team building and, depending on the focus, are divided into several categories which can be freely combined. Afterwards you have the opportunity to refresh yourself at the bar or during a tasty barbecue.


High Ropes Course

Prague’s high ropes courses are the ultimate test of your balance skills. There are various obstacles to overcome during this intense but entertaining activity. This is foremost about risk taking, communication and trust within your team. 

Swinging bridges, climbing frames, rope obstacles, transitions, nets, footbridges and other surprises await you between the trees. The session begins with a short training session on the lower level near the ground. Here you can develop your skills and gain self-confidence before moving on to the next level. All activities are always supervised and secured by a qualified instructor.

Laser Tag

Adrenaline, excitement, fun and lots of movement – that’s exactly how the laser game in Prague can be characterized. The unique Lasergame Arena has a very detailed labyrinth with many surprises. The light and acoustic effects draw you into a whole new world. The darkness hides your identity.

Equipped with a sensor vest and a laser cannon, the team’s job is to get the highest possible score by hitting your opponents’ vests. After the game, you can relax in one of the bars and recharge your energy. Or just enjoy the beautiful view of the great city.



Paintball is a modern and challenging adrenaline sport that not only requires speed, strength and physical fitness, but also demands tactical thinking and a cool head from all participants. 

All types of games can vary with each other with regard to the number of participants and the equipment used, all other equipment is optional and adapted to the game, the environment and the preferences of the players. The safety of all players is always the top priority. Afterwards you and your team have the opportunity to refresh yourself at the bar.


Karting in Prague gives you a fantastic experience on the largest kart track in the region. Even before the start, when you step into the kart and put on your helmet, you feel a racing atmosphere like in the Formula 1. 

With excellent racing facilities and catering services, the latest racing computer systems and a fleet of professionally prepared karts, thrills are guaranteed for your team. The tracks also include a restaurant with excellent cuisine and a bar with a wide selection of drinks.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are the perfect leisure activity for anyone who likes to be active, wants to try something new and is keen on team games.

In small groups of 2-6 players your team will be locked in a room, which you have to leave within 60 minutes with the help of hidden clues and objects. During the game you have to solve a number of puzzles through teamwork and find secret codes. Above all, logical and tactical thinking, skill and creativity are required.


A newly developed, unique game in the style of a scavenger hunt. In groups of 2-5 people your team has to face diverse challenges that put your teamwork, quick thinking and creativity to the test. There are a variety of missions to choose from, which must be completed within 2-4 hours. 

A combination full of fun and adrenaline will not only keep your team entertained and make good use of your brain, it will also take you to the many magical remote locations in Prague. 

Treasure Hunt

During Treasure Hunt, all participants will be guided through the picturesque streets of Prague to various beautiful historical locations, where your Team will have to find solutions to different challenges and puzzles with teamwork, creativity, orientation and time management.

For this game, teamwork, decision making, skill and delegation are particularly important. After completing all tasks, the teams gather at an agreed location, where the results will be hand over to one of the professional guides, who will evaluate the game and announce the winners.

Murder Mystery Dinner

The Murder Mystery Dinner is a unique adventure that offers a challenging game of confusion and combination of false tracks and clues. Due to the methodology of improvisation theater, every event is a unique experience. Together with a well-rehearsed ensemble of professional and improvisation-experienced actors, the task is to solve a murder and convict the perpetrator. 

During the realistically staged crime dinner, your teams will experience the action up close and, as the evening progresses, will no longer only ask the question who the murderer is, but who is actually an actor and who is a guest. 

Chef Parade Cooking

Preparing and enjoying excellent food together offers you and your employees a unique experience and wonderfully complements your personal development and team spirit.

Learn how to cook traditional Czech or other international dishes in an interactive and entertaining way with expert guidance in one of the largest cooking schools in the Czech Republic. 

Chocolate Factory

In this classic praline course, all participants turn to making small delicacies. With expert guidance and first-class ingredients, unique chocolates are created through playful activities that open up new taste horizons. 

The tasting at the end of the course is without doubt the highlight of the event.

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