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Discover Prague

The Golden City of Prague is a truly magical place and offers some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. From breathtaking Gothic cathedrals to impressive Art-Nouveau concert halls – the multicultural capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most charming ancient cities in the world.

Prague City Tour

Discover the golden city on a highly entertaining tour through Prague’s fairytale old city and a fascinating introduction to the history, architecture and culture of Bohemia.

Our expert tour guides take you through Prague’s historic districts such as the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, the New Town and the Castle District. You will explore the most important sights of the city, experience unforgettable views and have plenty of opportunities for souvenir snapshots.

Prague Cycle Boat Tour

Discover Prague’s UNESCO Old Town during a river cruise on the Vltava with the first and only cycle boats in Europe and experience breathtaking panoramas and many spectacular sights such as the Charles Bridge and the Rudolfinum.

Up to 11 passengers sit at a table on adjustable bicycle seats and propel the boat together by pedaling. An experienced captain navigates the busy traffic. The boat doubles as a bar including coolers and a beer tap so drinks can be booked on request.

Prague Beer & Tapas Tour

Experience the traditional Czech cuisine and the Bohemian lifestyle from the perspective of the locals on a guided tour through Prague’s quintessential beer halls and pubs.

Czech society revolves around it’s beer culture and this experience offers a fascinating glimpse into this world. In the course of the tour a variety of excellent local brews are served alongside stories from the Czechs’ beer-rich past.

Prague Christmas Market Tour

The Prague Christmas Market gives this already fascinating city something very unique and is a visit is an integral part of the festive season in the Czech Republic. The market brings locals and tourists together in a true winter wonderland.

In the heart of the Old Town, lavishly illuminated by Christmas lights, you can experience handmade goods and delicacies, hot mulled wine and tasty Czech delicacies at one of the numerous wooden stands.

Prague Scrooser E-Scooter Tour

The Scrooser Tour is a unique guided tour for everyone who prefers adventurous sightseeing tours in combination with an e-scooter ride. The excursions on e-scooters include the most famous places such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Old Town with the Astronomical Clock, but also places off the beaten path like parks, viewpoints and cycle routes by the water.

The tour is led by an experienced local tour guide who highlights the famous landmarks, sights and monuments.

Communism & WW2 Tour

Unimaginable suffering, unspeakable courage, crushed dreams and glimmers of hope: Prague tossed and turned in the 20th century’s storms whipped up by the great powers surrounding it. This tour offers a moving, fascinating and entertaining presentation of the most important events of the last century from the perspective of Prague and the Czech people.

Learn about the Nazi regime, the Czech Uprising, the Communist coup, the euphoria of the Prague Spring as well as the Fall of Communism with the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

Old Town Breweries Tour

Czech beer is one of the most famous in the world, and the best way to get to know it is to try it.

Experience Bohemia’s unique beer culture on a tour of the numerous historical breweries within the old town and enjoy various types of beer and other delights directly at the place of production. Expert tour guides give an introduction to brewing history and methods and the central importance of Czech beer within the local culture.

Pragulic Homeless Tour

Pragulic is a Prague social project that enables participants to experience the city through various themed routes away from mainstream tourism from the perspective of the homeless.

The tour guides from the street reveal their personal stories and illuminate aspects of Prague from a completely different perspective. At the same time, they help to break down prejudices, change stereotypes of homelessness and give tour guides new hope.

E-Bike Tour

A bike tour is the best way to discover the city and its beautiful parks and to learn more about its unique history, architecture and culture.

Embark on a spectacular tour through the fascinating side streets of Prague, the beautiful Petrin & Letna parks, breathtaking viewpoints and the Prague Castle and enjoy all the beauty and diversity of this European gem. The tour uses electronic bicycles, which simplifies your experience through the different sights.

T3Coupé Tram Tour

Ride famously scenic routes on Europe’s most exclusive tram, the brand-new T3Coupé. The one-in-a-kind tram with on-board bar is a masterpiece of Czech design, modeled after Prague’s legendary Tatra T3 trams.

The private trips lead through the Old Town, New Town and along the Vltava river across its majestic bridges to the Prague Castle. It offers incredible views of many of the city’s major sights including Charles Bridge, the National Theater, St. Nikolas, the Dancing Building and Rudolfinum.

Vltava River Tour

A panoramic boat trip on the Vltava offers breathtaking views of Prague’s Old Town, New Town and the Prague Castle and offers comfort in an upscale atmosphere as a day sightseeing tour or as a full-length program with live music, dinner and drinks.
A passage through the 600 year old Charles Bridge is an essential part of the tour and an unforgettable highlight.

Prague Trabant Rally

The iconic, rickety cars of East Germany, all too familiar to Czechs from 40 years of Communism, are let loose on Prague in this fun-filled adventure. Each team of three gets its own car and embarks on a journey criss-crossing the golden city, to stops involving games and riddles. Digital cameras are provided for teams to document their progress.

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