Director’s Cut: Shoot a Blockbuster Netflix Series

Tap into your team's true creative potential by presenting them with a seemingly impossible challenge: craft a compelling cinematic snapshot of history – in under 3 hours. With this inspiring city as the stage for their drama, who will succeed once the camera starts rolling?

Maiblau Video Challenge

Your task today is simple: you will produce a new Netflix historical documentary series. It will span 10 gripping episodes, 1,200 years of dramatic Bohemian history, and you have 3 hours to get it done.

The series will recount the history of Prague and the Czech people — with a special focus on what we can learn from the events, achievements, and many questionable decisions of those who shaped the world we live in today. Have we learned from their mistakes, or is history destined to repeat itself? The moral of the story lies in your hands.

Your group will be organized in small, agile production teams — each responsible for producing one episode. Each team will receive state-of-the-art film-making equipment and will be accompanied by a local guide. This savvy assistant is there to provide historical context relevant to your topic, help scout out the perfect location for your tale to unfold, and navigate local customs.

Postproduction and editing will be promptly wrapped up over dinner and then it is show time. After the entire series has been screened, The evening will conclude with an award ceremony honoring the most outstanding work.

The historical documentary series is an illustrative example. We are happy to provide alternative scenarios, documentary or fiction. The entire activity can be tailored according to your schedule and team building goals. 

We are happy to organize a framework program including transport, lunch, dinner, drinks and an overnight stay.

Inquire now for more information and a non-binding offer.

Video Challenge Sample Schedule

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