Escape Alive: Navigating the Emperor’s Forest

Everyone will have to work together if you want to find your way out of the Slavovský les (Emperor’s Forest) in this unique escape-style challenge. Why limit the escape game concept to a single room when we have a whole forest full of secrets to discover and riddles to solve?

An Outdoor Escape Game

A maniacal scientist has developed a deadly serum and is planning to wield his power to control humanity. There’s no time to waste and the team is tasked with a very tall order – find an antidote to save the world! They’ll have to act quick because the forest in which they find themselves is the scientist’s home territory, and he doesn’t take kindly to outsiders interfering with his plans.

When the pressure is on, will your team be able to distinguish illusion from reality? The boundaries blur in this fascinating and tricky adventure, packed with mysterious clues, cryptic puzzles and more than a few enigmatic characters.

Based on the concept of escape room games, our interpretation takes things one step further, turning a real setting into a place capable of summoning mystery and magic. The fantasy world of the game merges with reality to create a unique and captivating dynamic.

This escape game event takes place within the Slavkovský les’ breathtaking nature and is an ideal opportunity to combine a fun and interactive challenge with further team building activities like kayaking, camping, cycling and hiking. Upon request, we can also host the escape game and activities in another region of the Czech Republic.

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Thinking outside of the Box

In addition to the customized escape challenge, we are happy to organize a whole trip designed according to your wishes. We can create a single or multi-day event including transport, accommodation, dining, additional activities, and an evening program.

During the forest escape game, the teams will have to work together to solve puzzles, and complete various tasks and challenges – finding inventive solutions in order to succeed. The participants are encouraged to adopt a “think outside the box” mentality, using creativity, lateral thinking, analytics, and, most importantly, team spirit to evade their captors and ultimately escape the forest!

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