Bohemian Paradise Pirates: Raft Building Adventure

Teamwork is the name of the game if you’re going to stay afloat during this exciting water challenge. Communication, positivity, and a bit of friendly competition will be the ingredients needed to claim top spot when the rafts line up to race.

Build something together

This fun and dynamic adventure encourages your team to imagine they’ve been shipwrecked together on an island and must use the materials available – barrels, wood and rope – to escape. Ingenuity and a bit of creativity will be needed to pull off this challenge, especially since time is of the essence.

After a brief introduction to knot science and various assembly methods, the participants will receive the building materials for their rafts and get to work. Once the rafts are constructed and deemed seaworthy, it will be time to see if your team has what it takes to navigate the Czech Republic’s pristine waters, enjoying some breathtaking nature along the way.

This raft building team event takes place on the scenic Ohře river, within the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Slavkovský les. This idyllic setting also offers a great opportunity to combine a fun and interactive water sport challenge with further team building activities like camping and hiking. Upon request, it can also be held on most other bodies of water within the Czech Republic.

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Each team must test their craft’s steadiness, speed and agility, in a race and a selection of other challenges. Activities will vary, subject to conditions and group age/abilities.

In addition to the customized raft challenge, we are happy to organize a whole trip designed according to your wishes. We can create a single or multi-day event including transport, accommodation, dining, additional activities, and an evening program.

Growing together as a Team

The event is great for project management, operations and teams that are regularly faced with high delivery demands and risk. While building and racing the rafts, the emphasis is on fun, movement, and collaboration, strengthening trust and bonds organically.

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